sliced pies

Well – I made the lemon pie, but guess what?  half way through…….I remembered to take pictures – ~sigh~  Guess I’ll just have to make another??

The kiddos made pizza tonight – I let them each do there own…..we do exciting stuff around this here house.

In Tinky related news…..she had an accident at school – the thing about Tinky, well she is on the accidental happening side – I will have to tell at a later date some of the Tink Tink happenings.  At any rate – she got scratched on the neck at school by another child, a boy – she comes walking out with an icepack on her neck.  I just thought oh gosh what this time?  As did another teacher – “what happened to her this time?” she asked…….I just said I didn’t know, which I didn’t at the time.  Tink tells me the whole story in the car, I asked why, she didn’t know – but he got in BIG trouble, and he got his Taaail Tored up.  I asked, he got his tail ‘tored’ up?  yes momma he got a note, and went to the principal, and he got his tail tored up, he got a whoopin.  The thing about Tink, she sometimes comes up with her on way of saying words, and you cannot by any means correct this…..she is quite the unique one.


About amyt57

I'm a mom to 3 wonderful children, a wife to a awesome husband. I love to read blogs and have been doing so for a while. I started a blog on blogspot a while back - but haven't truly been happy with it - I have wanted a food blog, but do not what to blog about food 3 times a day. This is going to be a for real, in real life blog - as my daughter would say. It may have some recipes, I LOVE to may have some funny sayings my kiddos would say - it may have sports, weight lifting or tips - it's just going to be MY blog - just 'whatever' goes blog. "What would you guys like for dinner?" "CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!!"
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2 Responses to sliced pies

  1. If you check out my 22 before 23 list, you will see that hosting my own homemade pizza party is on the list!
    I think it would be the perfect and fun little get together!
    please stop by and say hi

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