My mother in laws birthday was on Monday – I asked what kind of cake was her favorite….lemon.  So I made her a home-made lemon cake with lemon butter cream icing – any excuse to bake and I’m on it!!  I love baking and giving it away….I like a taste – but please get it away from me!!


I need to work on the piping skills…I was in a hurry – I had to finish up in a few minutes – wasted too much time – went to the doc that morning – ended up having a sinus infection….she gave me 6 different meds to take – YUCK!!  I think I actually felt worse yesterday though, but today is MUCH better!!


OK…I’m feeling old – this Saturday is my 20 year reunion – it just does not seem like it!!  I made some center pieces for out tables….I still have to add a few things..but so far this is what I have.

Yea we were the ‘flashes’ who has a lightening bolt as a mascot??  US that is who.  So strange…….


About amyt57

I'm a mom to 3 wonderful children, a wife to a awesome husband. I love to read blogs and have been doing so for a while. I started a blog on blogspot a while back - but haven't truly been happy with it - I have wanted a food blog, but do not what to blog about food 3 times a day. This is going to be a for real, in real life blog - as my daughter would say. It may have some recipes, I LOVE to may have some funny sayings my kiddos would say - it may have sports, weight lifting or tips - it's just going to be MY blog - just 'whatever' goes blog. "What would you guys like for dinner?" "CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!!"
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2 Responses to twenty.

  1. Ameena says:

    What a beautiful cake! Your piping skills are really impressive.

    I hope you feel better soon my friend! 6 different medications seems extreme! I hope they work ASAP.

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