The Squirts

Doesn’t that just sound pleasant??

This…..this is the squirts:

Did you possibly think it was something a little more unpleasant??  This is the fountain in front of the CourtHouse – my kiddos refer to it as “the squirts”.  They love to go.  This week a girlfriend and I decided to do something with our kids -but really didn’t fill like loading up and going to the beach – good thing we didn’t it stormed.  I would have not been a happy mommy if we drove all the way to the beach and had to turn around and come home – it’s probably a 1.45 minute drive.  SO – we decided to hit up a few playgrounds, picnic, and go to the SQUIRTS. 

That’s my girl…’s always something 🙂

WORN out…but she wasn’t Sllllleeepppyyyyyyy HA right.  She was…but that second wind kicked right in.


After this we headed back to my house – the kiddos played the wii, and xbox connect (I love the dancing game).  While me and my friend propped up on the couches – and let the kids run will.  All in all…fun day.


About amyt57

I'm a mom to 3 wonderful children, a wife to a awesome husband. I love to read blogs and have been doing so for a while. I started a blog on blogspot a while back - but haven't truly been happy with it - I have wanted a food blog, but do not what to blog about food 3 times a day. This is going to be a for real, in real life blog - as my daughter would say. It may have some recipes, I LOVE to may have some funny sayings my kiddos would say - it may have sports, weight lifting or tips - it's just going to be MY blog - just 'whatever' goes blog. "What would you guys like for dinner?" "CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!!"
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2 Responses to The Squirts

  1. Ameena says:

    I had something different in mind when I read the title of this post…I’m glad it wasn’t what I thought!! 🙂

    We love the squirts around here…endless entertainment at no cost. What could be better??

    • amyt57 says:

      ha ha I agree – easy…..and no cost!! I know every time I hear my kiddos call it “the squirts” I have to giggle….it sounds so bad 🙂

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