What I find

My children LOVE, and I mean LOVE my iPhone.  They have ‘their’ games (which have been downloaded for them).  They know how to work my phone as good, if not better than me.  Is that a shock these days??

Is usually the first things out of their mouths when you walk through the door or they wake up – “mom can I play on your iPhone – dad can I play on your iPhone?”  Ummm hello?  I love you?  How are you?  Yea right…gimme ya’ phone!

What I do find interesting is the ‘things’ I find on my iPhone (nothing downloaded – password protected, and they know to ask anyway)  It’s the PICTURES…..and I mean PICTURES I find – holy moly – ummm 100’s?  And videos – they love to video themselves….my youngest, I made the mistake of showing her the flip ‘camra’ where she can see herself.  UM the videos I have found of her….FUNNY stuff.

But as of late here are a few things I’ve found:

My oldest…she LOVES to take pictures of herself.

See what I mean??  There are quite a few of these…..

There are countless of these types of pics……my youngest loves to do the make-up thing…..and things every style needs a pic (I am constantly deleting)

These are just a few…..as for the videos – not so sure I’m ready to share those – the latest is my son “spying” on my oldest.  He is ever so stealth – and you can hear him saying “shhhhh Bry I’m spying on sissy!!!”  as he lays behind the coffee table.  Good stuff folks – good stuff.


About amyt57

I'm a mom to 3 wonderful children, a wife to a awesome husband. I love to read blogs and have been doing so for a while. I started a blog on blogspot a while back - but haven't truly been happy with it - I have wanted a food blog, but do not what to blog about food 3 times a day. This is going to be a for real, in real life blog - as my daughter would say. It may have some recipes, I LOVE to cook....it may have some funny sayings my kiddos would say - it may have sports, weight lifting or tips - it's just going to be MY blog - just 'whatever' goes blog. "What would you guys like for dinner?" "CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!!"
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4 Responses to What I find

  1. Cait's Plate says:

    She’s beautiful! And I definitely went through that phase (maybe I’m still in it?! haha) when I was younger 🙂

    • amyt57 says:

      Thanks Cait!! And…I cannot lie – I take pics of myself too … my hubby says I take too many…ha! Can we do that? Take too many?!?!? (Well unless we are posting them to facebook every 5 mins – gag lol)

  2. Ameena says:

    Your daughter is gorgeous. It seems like girls these days – my kid included – have no problem admiring themselves. Isn’t that funny?

    Maya loves my phone too but I usually refuse to give it to her. I hate that she zones out with it! Drives me batty.

    • amyt57 says:

      Thank you!! You are so right – they have NO problems do they?? At least they are confident? I know my kiddos zone out too – I limit them to the video games/phone if I don’t they would sit in that zone ALL day long!! It drives me batty too!

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