The Sciencetist

My lil’ Tinky bug came into our bedroom yesterday afternoon – she was dressed in some new….’attire’.  See, my oldest daughter was cleaning out her room yesterday – came across her CSI kit (which of course she’s too big for now) and gave it to my youngest daughter. 

Tinky was a Spy, Sciencetist…..among other things with this kit.  She had to show me everything that was in the kit, and what they did and what she deemed them used for.  It was very …. VERY interested.

This is the attire:

This child is a mess.  That would be her bathing suit – with a shopping bag split up the middle – the ‘lab coat’.  And yes…she likes to cross her eyes in pictures – she finds it rather funny.  (So do I).


About amyt57

I'm a mom to 3 wonderful children, a wife to a awesome husband. I love to read blogs and have been doing so for a while. I started a blog on blogspot a while back - but haven't truly been happy with it - I have wanted a food blog, but do not what to blog about food 3 times a day. This is going to be a for real, in real life blog - as my daughter would say. It may have some recipes, I LOVE to may have some funny sayings my kiddos would say - it may have sports, weight lifting or tips - it's just going to be MY blog - just 'whatever' goes blog. "What would you guys like for dinner?" "CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!!"
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2 Responses to The Sciencetist

  1. Ameena says:

    She gets massive points for creativity!! Love the cute glasses. 🙂

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