About Me

I did this as my first post….but it’s about…..ME. 

I am married to a wonderful man – he is the love of my life. He is Nugget Daddy.

We have 3 children – Our oldest, she is about to be 14….we will call her ‘roachy’, oh yes we have reason for this. She is the type that when you are making yourself something to each, you ask if she wants some? Ohhhhh no no no – yet when you sit down to eat she is by your side “hovering” watching you eat, then you’ll say “do you want a bite” – of course not, yet she does it anyway.

Our Middle child, he is about to be 7…..we will call him Nuggets, not really sure why – it’s just something that has stuck. He’s also, Big Nugs – Nuggy….etc.

 Our Youngest child, she is about to be 6, yes…..I had her RIGHT after our son, very unexpected. She is known as Tinky – Tinky bug….Tink Tink. I think this came from when she was smaller, you know baby talk….”awlll you tink” aka you stink – yes insert eye roll here.

Last but not least you have me, Nugget Mommy…mooooommmmmm – mommaaaahhhhh. I’m a thirty something year old mother of 3 – I say 30 something because I have yet to hit 40 – so I will just say 30 something – go with it, it makes me feel better than my actual age. I love to read blogs – I have a certain few I read every day, in a certain order. I love to write, and have kept a journal since the 10th grade – I used to actually have a thought of the day. You could find me on any given day sitting in my closet writing. It has always made me feel good – it’s a way to express myself. Poetry has always been my favorite – I could come up with a poem in a matter of moments. I love working out – I have been doing it for over a year now – usually 5 days a week, my hubby got me hooked. I dropped about 35ish lbs…but went down 6 sizes – I have been gaining muscle in the process of the losing weight. I am just where I want to be – I am very happy with the size I am. There are ‘certain’ areas I’d like to tone a little more (MY LEGS). I DO NOT skimp on my eating – I have changed to a healthier eating style – but I cannot lay of the sweets – can’t help it I love them, and I love to bake …… I have just learned moderation, not to mention I bust my hump working out, I think I deserve my sweets if I want them! So here I am – this is me, for real, in real life – the Chicken Nugget momma. And THIS…this is my family, my world. I love them.


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Hi chicken nugget momma, I came across your blog as I’m really new to blogging. I did it as I too wanted to get back into the habit of writing (which I loved doing as a child). I’m also asked a lot about my Chinese recipes by my English friends. I live in the UK now with my husband and am trying to recreate all my favourite dishes from Asia and from Europe. If you have the time and might be interested, I’d love it if you could take a look at my blog and let me know what you think.

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