Woogie Boogie….BOO

Last night in our neighboring small town – the local volunteer fire department puts on a little Halloween Bash.  The hubs and I along with our friends took our children to the little event.  They give away candy, have games – bouncy house, and inflatable slides.  The kiddos had a blast!!  Halloween night – they have festivities that we are going to as well in another town.  Guess we’ll be getting full use out of these costumes 🙂

Tinky Bug as a Lady Bug 🙂


Nugs as Chucky.  We went from Zombie….to the Mario characters – to Chucky. 

The whole Hallow-crew.  Princess Peach, Lady Bug, Mario, Chucky, and Luigi.  Fun Times!!

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let them eat cake

Friday – I had baking to do, my sisters baby shower was Saturday – and I was making the cake.  I ended up going to get my hair done that morning ( I baked the night before so all I had to do was decorate it ).  While I was in getting my hair done….someone ah – hmmmm paid my vehicle a little visit:

My sweet hubby – left this for me while I was in the salon.  It was such a sweet surprise 🙂  He is always doing things like this for me.  He’s a wonderful husband.

Here’s the cake for my sisters shower:

I had left over cake and icing….so I threw a little on the extra cake for Sunday Dinner.

The kiddos of course thought it was cool 😉

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There’s nothing like it

Spending time with your loved one’s.  Friday nights we usually have family night – we’ll take the kiddos out to eat, and spend the evening together.  Friday night my oldest had a sort of lock-in with our youth at church.  They did what they called “cardboard city”.  They lived in cardboard boxes for the night to raise money for the Christian Service Center – they felt what it was like to be homeless for the night.  I think this was something good for the teens to go through.

The hubs and I took our younger kiddos out to eat and then went to get Halloween costumes.

The Halloween store was pretty cool – the kids had a blast!!

Saturday we had a picnic – then went to the park.


Then we went to feed the ducks – the kids love to do this.  Over near our hospital they have a track that goes around a lake – the kids like to go there to feed the ducks.


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This man…..

He has my heart, he has my love

everyday – I thank our God above

I love him more each and every day

He completes my life in every way

He’s the one that puts a smile on my face

He’s the one that filled my empty space

He’s my only, he’s my ONE

without him I would be none

I love him from head to toe

My love for him will forever grow

I will love this man – now, always, forever

Thank you God for bringing us together.

I love you honey – with all my being.

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I just had to share these lil’ beauties with you:

My hubby surprised me with these this week 🙂  He’s also surprised me with some other things as well.  Just wanted to share these real quick – what do you guys think of leopard print?  I really like a ‘dash’ of it – I have been wanting some shoes with this print for a while and the hubby surprised me with them.  He’s a great guy!!  I’ll share my other things later – I did get a “just because” today:

I’m one lucky lady 🙂

There’s just something about a little splash of that print that makes ya feel sassy 😉

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My Love……

The love of my life celebrated his birthday Saturday – he is the man that changed my life, so of course we celebrate the day in which he was born 🙂

I made him a lemon cake with lemon frosting (one of his favs)

I wonder where Lil’ Tinky bug gets her personality??  I have seen her do this on many occasions.

I all seriousness – this man did change my life, he completed me.  I love him with all my heart and soul.  I hope his day was awesome – and I hope he receives many many blessings, because I sure know my life is blessed because of him. 

I love you honey – I HOPE and PRAY you are blessed beyond words – know that I honor, love and respect you…now always and forever.  You changed me – you completed me.  I am truly blessed.  Thank you.  You are truly my soul mate, my one and only.

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S is for Snake

I work for the Park System – I absolutely love my job.  I’m not really in the outdoors though, I’m behind a desk, but I do get out some – our park runs a paddling trail which is pretty cool, 170 miles of river – which along you can bike and hike too.

My office houses brochures among other things.  We do have some critters at my office (which is open to the public).  My kiddos came by for a visit yesterday, they LOVE coming up here – they think this is the coolest place ever.  I’m right on the river, have a huge back porch – there are lots for them to do up here.

One of which is this:

That would be Rascal – our snake.  he is 11 years old – this little fella is something I have NEVER touched, yet my kids do.  It’s not that I’m scared really….I just have no desire.  I have fed him once, and have given him water – that is the extent.  My kiddos LOVE him – UGH!!!  My smallest daughter actually chased me with him one day…yes chased me.



My son, like me had NO desire to touch or hold the snake 🙂  We just got to make sure to let my youngest she CANNOT just pick up any snake – which I really do not think that she would 🙂

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