Lady Bug?

I honestly never know what I am going to find when I go through my iPhone.  I do let me children play with it – they know what they can and cannot play with on the phone (no accidents so far).  They have ‘thier’ games. 

The one thing they ALL love to do is take pictures (mainly of themselves) so every so often I have to go in and clean house.  I never know what I will find.  Yesterday I was at 900 + pictures…I kid you not!  Thanks camwow!  Not to mention the amounts of videos…….I do have to say they are rather creative…yet at times they are scary?

Here is a snippet of a section I fould….yes section, yes snippet.  There were a LOT more pictures…and videos of this event.  My youngest daughter models…my older tells her what to do…..

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In a fog

This morning as I was leaving for work…I saw something really beautiful – through the trees and our pond. 

I wish that I could have captured it, I didn’t have my “good” camra so this was done with my iPhone.  Still turned out pretty nice.

I love living in the country.


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Burn baby, burn

I work for State Parks – most rangers are required to become part of a burn team, or to be qualified to burn.  I am not a ranger – therefore, I’m not required to do this….I’m more of a paper pusher 😉

My Manager suggested that maybe I should do the burn training, and start burning.  State Parks do prescribed burns, and help out when there is massive wild fires……

Well, I finally bit the bullet and decided to do it, or rather I said I would.  First thing you have to do before any training is pass a pack test – this is a 2 mile walk (no running at all) with a 25 lb pack on your back, this must be completed in 30 minutes – easy right…just remember NO running.

They had a pack test yesterday – guess when I found out I would be doing the pack test?  Yea the day before.  No sweat – ha.  I lift weights…I work out oh, 4/5 days a week – NO sweat.  This was my thoughts anyway.

We had to be there at 9:30 – we had 2 groups of 3, I was the only girl, and was in the 2nd group.  First group start – a guy dropped out on the first lap (we lap the park).  I was a little shocked, and was beginning to get a little nervous.  My sinus’ have been giving me a fit, and I knew my breathing was going to be off. GRRR.  The other 2 guys made it.  Now, my turn – I had my ipod, I was ready to roll, I suited up in the 25lb vest – WHOA, that felt heavy.  Was thinking how in the world did I ever carry that around plus 20 more?  YIKES, eye opener.   

Go time, my first few steps I knew I was going to be in for it…why did I do this again?  I felt like I was walking through sludge – the other 2 guys left me.  I knew at this point I was going to have problems – I made my first lap…we need to complete each lap in about 7 minutes, first lap….7.14 yikes.  My 2nd lap….14+, I needed to step it up.  I saw the guys ahead of me – I was catching one…the other had left him, I was thinking if only I could catch and pass him I would make it!  I caught him just past the curve, then passed him – whoooo!  I glanced back as I was rounding a corner….he wasn’t there – he dropped out!  I was on my last lap, the instructor met me a ways down – told me I had 45 seconds….You can do it, hustle – I sped walked and left him….I made it 29.37.   Not too bad – 2 guys dropped out – and I finished with time to spare 🙂

WOW – that was so much harder than I thought.  The faster I tried to walk, the slower I felt like I was going.  We couldn’t run – strictly walk.  (I don’t know about you, but if I am caught in a fire, I’m not walking out of the woods)

Next up, I had fire shelter training… have a shelter in your pack in case you are caught in a fire with no escape.  We were taught how to deploy and get into the shelter.  Next we had to go outside, and do a run of it.  We had to deploy the shelter, get inside and secure yourself inside.  All this in 25 seconds.  Doesn’t sound TOO bad right?  This is supposed to be done with all your gear on – we do not have gear, but we have the safety helmet – and fire gloves…yes gloves.  They were men’s gloves – do you think they fit?  Yea, exactly.  Pull shelter out,  shake it out, jump inside – secure, 25 seconds.  The shelter has 2 ‘cups’ head and tow you have to step into, and straps to hold on once inside. 

I went 3rd – 1st guy made, 2nd did not (35 seconds).  Yikes.  I got ready, helmet, gloves…timer.  I pulled the shelter out, fluffed it, dropped it…..fluffed it dropped it, stepped in one ‘cup’….got tangled in the top strap, moved out of the strap…grabbed the sides dropped to the ground…secure.  (OH no….45 seconds had to have passed, it felt like FOREVER).  Instructor comes over….checks all around your shelter makes sure it’s secure, no openings.  “OK”.  I ‘roll’ out, he is standing over me, I say “WHAT, 40 seconds?”  He shows me the stop watch……………………24 seconds – what what??  NO way!  All that happened to me and I still made it?  (I actually stopped time).  4 guys failed by the way….and had to re-do it 🙂

So what do all this mean?  I completed the basics and am now ready to go on to training to be on the burn team.  Am I crazy?  Yes, yes is the answer to that question.


This is my grrrrrr face, and yes I am grrrrr’ing in the picture.  This is after everyone completed….they wanted to get a pic of me – we had all ready folded the shelter to be packed away…dude threw it out so they could get the pic!  Had to be a good sport.  They actually wanted me to re-do the practice I told them NO WAY – I all ready passed!

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heart this girl

My little Tiny Bug, she is slightly dramatic – very quick witted….some would say she has a ‘smart’ mouth – but I say she thinks quick on her toes.  I honestly don’t think she is trying to be ‘ugly’ per say, it’s just how she is.  For instance, My little dare-devil decided to do some flips on her bed…..and flipped right off landing on her babies pack n’ play….causing a cut and a black eye.  At church the following Sunday a lady came up to her and asked “oh my goodness, what happened to your face?” in turn my little Tinky says without missing a beat “what happened to your face?”. I just smiled….said sorry and kept right on walking.  Maybe the lady could have worded it different?  Sigh…..

My hubby and son road with my FIL to North Carolina Sunday afternoon – they were taking my SIL a new matteress….it was an over night stay, so my girls get to sleep with me…yeaaaaa.  Did you catch that excitement??  Nah really I don’t care too much.

My little Tinky Bug entertained me….see:

As you can see, she lost a tooth – Christmas Eve.

Yep, she does this stuff – ALL.THE.TIME.  Not a lot of dull moments around my parts 🙂

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The Stranger….

I have actually been around – I started a new blog…..” Project -Pinning my Pinterest”  I’m not really sure about it yet.  I got hooked on Pinterest, I just cannot help myself.  There are so many good recipes, and neat ideas…I thought “why not?”.  SO – there ya go, I just did it.  I figured sooner or later someone would do that anyway, or maybe they all ready have??  I have fun with it.

Oh – I scored big time at Christmas this year!!  Got a new Coach (actually 2, one from my hubs and one from my mom), A KitchenAid (YES YES YES), a new camra 🙂 (the hubs also got me 2 different perfumes…maybe he’s trying to tell me something?? 😉 )

Guess I’ve really been slacking on this blog……I need to come back over here more…it’s more of my day to day 🙂

I’ll leave ya with a little bit of the Tinky Bug…and her huge Sock Monkey…which she had to put PJ’s on yesterday ….

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That’s my girl

Only my Tinky… never know what she is going to do:

Yep…that is a water bottle sticker……and she thinks she’s cool, because she is 🙂

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With in this past year I have taken a liking to hot wings…but  not really ‘hot wings’ the boneless ones.  I’m not a fan of gnawing on a bone (ribs for example – like the taste, just don’t like to eat them.)

Well – via pinterest, one of the most addicting sites I found a YUMMY buffalo chicken recipe…and it’s done in the crock pot.  Ummm yes and yes!!

Start with a bag of FROZEN chicken (no need to defrost) put it in your crock pot, along with an entire bottle of Frank’s hot sauce, and a packet of powder ranch dressing.  This doesn’t even cover the chick I was worried……don’t be.  Let this cook for about 6-7 hrs (low)then take the chicken out.

Shred the chicken with two forks….put it back into the crock pot for about an hour (you can leave it longer if you want)

Looking yummy…oh yes indeed!!!

All finished… can put this on top of a roll…hamburger bun, what ever floats your boat.  I ate mine in the bowl (along with some ranch dressing – because who doesn’t dip their wings in ranch dressing?).

This was def worth the make!!!

Crock pot buffalo chicken

I bag frozen chicken

1 bottle of Franks hot sauce

1 packet of ranch (powder) dressing

Put the chicken frozen into the crock pot, add the bottle of Franks hot sauce and packet of ranch dressing – set to low.  Let this cook for 6-7 hours.  Remove chicken, shred with 2 forks – add the chicken back to the crock pot let simmer for 1 hour.  Serve.

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